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(NEW YORK) Tucked atop a relatively petite building on 57th Street off Fifth Ave. lies a bespoke connoisseur’s veranda-detailed haute spot in the form of Bellucci Napoli, a custom tailoring outfit by Naples native Nedo Bellucci started less than a decade ago.

What’s the trick to Bellucci’s trade?
We got the immaculately fitted scoop!


What’s the backstory of Bellucci Napoli?

It started with a dream. I’ve always loved fashion, and I always wanted to move to New York. Love is always a great component in making a dream come true! I met my wife, Benedicte, in Naples: She needed a place to stay for one night, and voila! Eight years later, our love is still growing. I started this business as well eight years ago, when no one was talking about custom or bespoke.

How has the biz changed since then?

Many naysayers accused me of being crazy to think I could base my life on [bespoke tailoring]. Now, I’ve finally been proven right: Everyone has developed a taste for experiencing individualized and personalized things. A lot of hard work and sacrifice went into making it happen—I made this business with zero investment.

I moved to New York with $1,000 in my pocket. I had to work six days a week in restaurants to pay the bills. One shirt at a time, Bellucci Napoli came about.

Who is the Bellucci Napoli man?
Anyone who is already a gentlemen, or is interested in learning to become one. Anyone who likes to be well dressed and has finally understood that baggy clothing is just for losers! The Bellucci Napoli man is someone willing to experience the feel of a new fit.


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Do you lure customers away from any competitors with your designs?
Someone who is familiar with the Neapolitan fit from other brands such as Kiton and Attolini and wants the same quality and fit at a better price.

How did the brand’s name come about?
We wanted a name that would automatically connect our brand to our Neapolitan sartorial tradition. In addition, it’s a long story, and one that I inherited from my father and the men who preceded him—the Bellucci name can be traced back to the Belluccis who moved to Naples from Perugia. So to everyone who asks if I’m related to the beautiful and brilliant Monica Bellucci? I reply “yes, apparently!” If we were to look back through our genealogy we might discover that we are in fact related. I try to avoid using my first name, Nedo. At first I did that just to be discreet; now I do so as an intentional branding strategy.

How and when did your beautiful 57th Street atelier come about?
The story and concept is based in the old Neapolitan palazzo. It’s also inspired by my own experiences: before founding Bellucci Napoli and developing the company, I worked in the hospitality business. I owned a nightclub and a restaurant, I was in finance, also worked as a communication trainer, and lastly in telecommunications. After working in so many fields I recognized that all had a common thread, that of connection people and making them feel comfortable around me and each other. I feel very grateful that this role. So here we are in a place where I can show first of all my design skills, and where I can welcome anyone, offering them an exclusive experience in life, from style to execution, to impeccable personalized service and, finally entertainment. It makes my day when I see them leave with a smile.

What’s your clientele like?
Our youngest client is eight years old, and our oldest are over 82, including Rupert Murdoch. Overall, they’re primarily very international. I have a very long list of French clients, which I’m very proud of, since, as everybody knows, the French can be very picky. Their patronage means I do a great job. Most are originally from America, who despite their reputation for a limited sense of style, are great students. When they learn something new and beautiful, they have this amazing capability to embody the best, becoming loyal followers and keen experts in the art of tailored clothing. This is what I like and appreciate the most about living and working in this country.

Where do you see Bellucci Napoli in a decade?
I’m a dreamer and a doer, so I could see myself opening a ground-floor store, maybe on Madison Avenue. In the
long term, I see Bellucci as a multi-line brand focused on quality, fit and lifestyle, attentive to workers rights and benefits. My philosophy for success is for each person, regardless of what position they cover, needs to be gratified and feel part of a project.For this I dream I’d like to have kindergarten for my employees’ kids, a sailboat in the Mediterranean, nd beach house in the Riviera Maya in Mexico, where my employees can go on vacation! I always want to be surrounded by, and hire, people who wiser than I am. Time will tell what will be of my vision!