Our Story

About Prof. Nedo Bellucci

In 2004, when I moved to NY for love, I was looking for the opportunity to make myself up in the US. Is then that a second love bloomed inside me, my passion for fashion. I always loved fashion and the creativity behind it because the corporate environment has limited my inventiveness. Here I am, born and raised in Naples, came across the idea to venture into the Neapolitan Custom Tailoring business.

This is a time when I was barely speaking English, and working six days a week in restaurants. A time when in the US a well-dressed man was either considered gay or called metrosexual. Custom clothing was not as popular as today, mostly limited to English Tailoring style. When Neapolitan Tailoring Style existence was unknown to the majority. Taking such a decision and step took quite a lot of courage.


From the very beginning I have been blessed with an innovative, as it seemed to me, intuition and vision: bring to the American Men a modern and versatile look through the Neapolitan Tailoring, with a direct to consumer business model.

The market showed immediately interest in learning and experiencing the difference between the old style English constructed tailoring and the Neapolitan deconstructed one: today considered by most a modern, comfortable and versatile men look. The appreciation towards this new and unique proposition to cut the middleman, and offered a more formal yet comfortable, versatile look option to the American men allowed my company to quickly emerge.


Over time my mission and vision evolved.


I started to receive compliments from my clients because through BELLUCCI NAPOLI I was able to transform their look into a more athletic and stylish one.

Fashion Institute of Technology – one of the most prestigious fashion universities in the world – offered me to become a teacher. It is then through teaching that I explored new learnings behind the damages fashion is causing to the environment while I got fascinated by the scientific benefits and advantages behind good dressing. My passion for fashion slowly became my vision to make fashion more sustainable at the same time my mission to help men to dress better, to become more stylish.


A mission that is now my company’s vision: “Sustainable Direct Luxury ™ and my company’s slogan: “Enhance confidence through style”.


The concept of long duration is part of me. It is a very high concept and meaning that makes me who I am. It is my way of conceiving the world. I am very close to friends I have known since first grade. I have been working together with Monica – the head of production and style of BELLUCCI NAPOLI and NEDO BELLUCCI for more than 25 years, way before I came to NY.

I became firmly convinced that a predominant aspect of a luxury garment is its ability to last and to be sustainable. I approach every single creative and productive aspect of the business with this in mind.

A luxury suit, or a cashmere garment has the ability to last forever.  You never throw them away, you must pass them on to your children. Its ability to last is the symbol of its value, and its luxury.