About us

BELLUCCI NAPOLI is the first and only custom Neapolitan Tailoring online, fusing the tradition of Neapolitan craftsmanship with the innovation of the online service.

We embody the essence of inclusive luxury, making luxury affordable and available to everyone and everywhere.

We blend modern elegance with comfort versatility. This unique approach combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities, resulting in timeless pieces.

Bellucci Napoli aims to present clients with a new way of thinking about suits,  by proposing a jacket that is comfortable, light on the body and supple, and versatile enough so that it can be worn all day and for any occasion, dress up or down.

For the stats lovers

meters of fabric worked
buttons and buttonholes sewn
centimeters measured
cups of coffee drunk

Our signature soft shoulders and lightweight fabrics offer unparalleled comfort, while the versatility of its designs caters to the needs of discerning individuals seeking refined style.

The emphasis on comfort and versatility allows individuals to effortlessly transition from casual to formal attire. Each piece tells a story of timeless style and exceptional quality showcasing the sophisticated charm of Neapolitan tailoring.

Suits of the finest quality…

shirts that fit like no other…

fine accessories to complement the garments…

this is Bellucci Napoli.

Most traditional suits available on the market have heavily padded jackets that are boxy and use stiff canvases. Even if they present details of the best sartorial quality, those jackets cannot be worn with a polo or t- shirts or a pair of stylish jean-cut prized wool trousers with contrast color stitching the way ‘style combinations’ would.


We’ll help you build a versatile wardrobe that will make you look and feel your best. Our most satisfied clients are often those who work with us to design shirts to match their suits and pick accessories to complete the look, all in a unified process.


Bellucci Napoli is your tailor for life.