A Gentleman’s Club Escape for Italian Fashion

NEW YORK – Owner and designer Nedo Bellucci has brought a bit of old world to the island of Manhattan – creating an inviting menswear mecca set via an impressive three-floor ‘palazzo’ on 5 East 57th street.

A former corporate finance professional, Bellucci made a bold move, quit his job and moved to New York to bring his bespoke concept to life. With him, he brought several master Neapolitan artisans.


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His company Bellucci Napoli makes bespoke suits, custom-made shirts and accessories for men which include ties, pocket squares, scaves and small leather goods. The concept is quite appealing to the Wall Street crowd – offer custom services, fittings and suit creation all under one roof.

Customers can browse roughly 3,000 fabric swatches and trims sourced from Naples, and begin their made-to-order process. Clients can see shirts and suits being made before their eyes by an artisan.

The top floor is reserved as a lounge area, with a whiskey bar that serves complimentary drinks, additional seating and an outdoor terrace boasting a view of midtown. The 20th floor of the building is home to a VIP service area where new collections are shown, wine tastings are held and other intimate cocktails and events take place.

Two-piece suits generally range from $3,000 to $5,000, and shirts, including solid and patterned fabrics and contrast-color stitching, are $350–$700. Accessories, such as silk ties ($95–$230), leather bags ($1,200–$2,000) and Talarico wooden-handled umbrellas ($395–$600), which are exclusive to the store, are displayed throughout. You’ll have your handmade goods in four to six weeks, following two fittings.