The Art of Bespoke

The art of Bespoke tailoring begins with your story. I believe getting to know you, your aspirations, and your unique style is the foundation for crafting a garment that’s truly yours – Nedo Bellucci


Creating a tailored garment is an intricate process. It begins with meticulously measuring the body and understanding the needs and tastes of the customer. Then, the lines of the jacket are carefully designed. This leads to the most delicate and decisive phase of tailoring: crafting the garment. By following this meticulous process, we ensure that each jacket is free of defects and drapes flawlessly on the body, like a second skin.

Meet and be guided by the wisdom of Professor at FIT NYC Nedo, indulge in the world’s finest fabrics, hand-selected from esteemed Loro Piana and Ariston millers. We offer luxurious cashmere, sumptuous wools, silken blends, and crisp cottons, every thread a whispered promise of comfort and quality.


Our tailors hail from the prestigious Neapolitan school, their fingers trained in generations-old techniques. Each stitch is a testament to their mastery, as they meticulously cut, sew, and shape each garment on the male form.
Owning a Bespoke Bellucci Napoli piece is more than just acquiring a garment; it’s an investment in your individuality. We translate your inner radiance into an outward expression of elegance, capturing the essence of your personality with meticulous detail.


From the very beginning I have been blessed with an innovative, as it seemed to me, intuition and vision: bring to the American Men a modern and versatile look through the Neapolitan Tailoring, with a direct to consumer business model.

The magic lies in the dance between artistry and precision. Professor Nedo possess an uncanny ability to read your body, understanding your needs and preferences before they’re even spoken. Through his expert eyes, the jacket’s lines take shape, culminating in the most delicate and critical phase: ensuring a flawless fit.

The result? A garment free of imperfections, one that drapes upon you like a second skin, whispering confidence with every movement.

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