Cashmere Cardigan


The cashmere cardigan is a warm, soft, and versatile garment for any occasion. Its luxurious texture and V-neck design make it perfect for chilly winter days, while its 6-button closure ensures hassle-free dressing.

Dress it up or down, this timeless classic is a must-have for any wardrobe. Additionally, the classic cardigan is an iconic menswear garment that remains essential to this day. With its deep V-neck, 6 buttons, and tubular trim, it can be styled for any occasion, from tailored suits to casual jeans or chinos.

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Tech Spec

Made in USA

7  days delivery

100% Scottish Cashmere

Single yarn

Zero Waste

3D-Kint state of the art whole-garment knitting technology

Care: Dry Clean only

Season: Spring/Fall/Winter

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