Longwing Blucher

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Bellucci Napoli is pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to customize their very own Longwing Blucher shoe. This classic style is perfect for both formal occasions and office wear, and our unique approach combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities, resulting in timeless pieces.
With our online service, you can customize the materials, lining, sole, and last to your liking. For the Longwing Blucher, we recommend sand lux suede and dark brown lux suede for a sophisticated yet modern look. The tan calf leather lining provides both comfort and durability.
As for the sole, we suggest the white sport xtralight rubber wedge sole for added comfort and versatility. This sole will provide you with the necessary grip and support for everyday wear, without compromising on style.
Lastly, we recommend the Zurigo last, which has a rounded toe for a traditional English look. The Long Wingtip Blucher is similar to a Full Brogue, with one brogue panel extending from the toecap all the way to the heel of the shoe. This unique style is sure to elevate any outfit.
We hope you have fun customizing your Longwing Blucher shoe with Bellucci Napoli. Our inclusive luxury approach makes luxury affordable and available to everyone and everywhere. Order your pair today and experience the tradition of Neapolitan craftsmanship with the innovation of online service.

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Model Classic

Materials: sand lux suede + dark brown lux suede

Lining: tan calf leather

Sole: white sport xtralight rubber wedge sole

Last: Zurigo – Rounded toe for traditional English Look