Bellucci Black Double Breasted Bond Jacket

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The essence of timeless elegance is perfectly manifested in a piece of clothing: the black tailored jacket or suit. This timeless and refined clothing item fits perfectly with any accessory or color, making it a versatile choice for any formal occasion.
In particular, a double-breasted tailored jacket or suit with a peak lapel exudes sophisticated elegance. If you are looking for an even more formal look, choosing the six-button model adds an extra touch of class.
Four-season wool is a high-quality material that guarantees comfort and durability over time. Thanks to its versatility, the jacket or suit can be worn throughout the year, regardless of external temperatures.
For timeless and elegant attire, a black tailored jacket or suit, double-breasted, with a peak lapel, six buttons, and made of four-season wool, represents the most refined and winning choice.

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Fabric: 100% Wool 4 Seasons

The pure Merino wool fabric is elegant and refined, ideal for classic and formal dresses for important occasions. Its exceptional hand and aesthetics make it a must-have for every gentleman’s wardrobe.

Style: Double Breast, Peak Lapel.


6 Buttons

Pocket: Flap Pocket

Back: Double Vent

Full Canvas

Handmade in Naples

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