At Bellucci Napoli, we’ve embarked on a transformative journey, redefining luxury through the lens of inclusivity.
In today’s evolving landscape, ‘inclusive luxury’ is more than a concept—it’s a philosophy we embrace wholeheartedly. It’s about weaving exclusivity and accessibility into a harmonious tapestry, ensuring that our high-end products and experiences are open to all, irrespective of their background, identity, body type, location or economic status.
Our approach to inclusive luxury encompasses several key pillars, each crucial in redefining the paradigms of luxury

Customization and Personalization

Our dedication to inclusive luxury extends to personalized wardrobe and experiences. We tailor our products and services to individual preferences, body type and life style allowing each customer to feel not just as a client but as an integral part of the Bellucci Napoli family.

Diversity and Representation

 Embracing diversity isn’t just a goal; it’s integral to our brand identity. We celebrate cultures, backgrounds, and identities with attention to body type through our marketing, advertising, and product offerings, ensuring everyone feels represented and valued.


We’re committed to making luxury more affordable without compromising on the impeccable quality and craftsmanship our brand is renowned for. This means offering a broader range of price points, increasing availability, and expanding our reach without diluting the essence of luxury.

Social Responsibility

Luxury isn’t merely about opulence; it’s about responsibility. We stand committed to social causes, sustainability, ethical practices, and active community engagement, aligning our brand with positive societal impacts beyond fashion.

Customer Experience

Central to our ethos is providing an exceptional customer experience, where every individual, irrespective of their background, receives unparalleled attention and care. We believe luxury should be inclusive in its service and treatment of all our clients.

In essence, our rebranding efforts strive to transcend the traditional exclusivity associated with luxury. We’re creating an environment that’s not only welcoming and diverse but also upholds the uncompromising standards and quality expected from luxury products and services. This is the essence of our vision for Bellucci Napoli, Neapolitan Tailoring and Made to Measure—an inclusive luxury experience that resonates with a broader audience while retaining our commitment to excellence.