Custom Shirt

"Have you ever wonder why some days we look better than other when at mirror?
Well, unless we have hangover, it is all because of the color and the proportion of our clothing we wear in particular the shirt collar" - Nedo
The market of custom shirts is played by many players. 
Professor Nedo Bellucci take this market to higher level by combine years of  experience with science. 
Expert in Fit, Balance and Proportion, a class he teaches at F.I.T. - Fashion institute of Technology, he shares the importance of style, how it enhance on our self confidence and influence the way we are perceived from others.
Gaining self confidence through style is a combination of factors.
Find the right fit, design a collar that it is proportion to the shape of your face and shoulder, balancing the correct fabric color to your skin and hair complexion. 




The importance of the shoulder cut

A precise shoulder cut emphasize the body silhouette.

The importance of the shoulder cut

We design shirts with shoulder stitching seating a precise point over the edge of the shoulder blades making any body type more athletic, not matter of the shoulder structure



The importance of the collar

The right collar shape impact our look and confidence.


We designed collars proportioned to face and shoulder shape by mimic or opposite by breaking the face shape in order to either emphasize it or demphasize it.



The importance of the fabric

Choosing the right color is essential in how we look and how we are perceived. Our color complexion determine the color we look best with and without.

There is a science in combining our color complexion with the color of the fabric we wear. Some of the class taught by Professor Nedo Bellucci



The importance of the details

Details it is the way to make your shirts different, unique and out standing 

Choose your button, stitching, and buttonholes collar

and if you like a contrast fabric