Neapolitan Tailoring Technique


BELLUCCI NAPOLI embraces the authenticity of the Neapolitan Tailoring. The Neapolitan Jacket renowned for its deconstructed tailoring technique, and natural shoulders making any body type looks more athletic yet keeping sharp and elegant.

The main difference with a padded shoulder, made with a constructed technique, the body looks more boxy, bulky, and unflattering, and the wearability more restricted, impacting the beauty in the longevity.

The Neapolitan jacket is born for warmer weather. Because of its tailoring technique, the jacket is more breathable and lighter to wear. It can weigh up to half-pound less than a padded jacket and has the ability to last longer. The pad is a sponge of cotton which after many wears, rains, hanging, and dry-cleaning start to look wavy, making the body look unflattering, and the jacket looks cheap and old. Contrary because of its tailoring technique, after many wears a natural shoulder or minimally padded jacket looks better than the first time by slowly molding on the body, any body type. 

Because of its tailoring technique, the jacket wears more comfortable. It is a great "compagna" for traveling because lighter, easy to fold, and to package without ruing the pads. Having a Neapolitan jacket means versatility. It can be worn up or down. When it is paired with jeans or casual trousers it looks like a sportcoat rather than clearly a bulky padded suit jacket. 

Resuming the Neapolitan jacket makes any body type more athletic. It is comfortable to wear, versatile, and has the ability to last. It turns out to be a great investment not only for our look, confidence, and comfort but for our pockets as well.

Bottom line ... would you like to gain athleticism, comfort in wearing, in traveling, and a suit/jacket and coat that last beautiful for longer?