Why Go Bellucci

Because we understand the impact of your style to your mood, and self-confidence.
Because we know, study and teach that the way we look impact the way people perceive us.  

The average suit and sport coat, both off-the rack or custom, is heavy, warm, restrictive, boxy and non-flattering. This impacts your mood, your image and ultimately, the way people perceive you.

For decades, Neapolitan tailoring has been recognized for constructing light, comfortable and flattering garments ideal for modern life. Whether you are brokering the deal of a lifetime, traveling long hours for business, out on a date, or simply want to dress to impress, a Neapolitan tailored suit conforms to your body unlike any other.

Mr. Nedo Bellucci, born and raised in Naples, is bringing the art of Neapolitan tailoring to NYC and taking it to new heights with his signature design on shoulder cut and lapel shape. With his expertise in fit, balance and proportion, a class he also teaches at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Mr. Bellucci will create a personalized garment that feels unrestrictive, flatters your body and boosts your confidence.

Experience it for yourself by trying on one of our sample garments in our shop by booking an appointment today!

Suits of the finest quality...
shirts that fit like no other...
fine accessories to complement the garments...
this is Bellucci Napoli.