Bellucci Su Misura is the tailored inspiration behind the secret of Neapolitan style and fit.

Created by the expert hands of Neapolitan artisans, Bellucci Su Misura is uniquely placed as the suiting label with the common touch. In a tradition formerly reserved for aristocrats and the very wealthy, Neapolitan tailoring Bellucci Su Misura-style is being created to appeal to a new generation of devotees.

With an array of details to boost their sartorial credentials, Bellucci's Su Misura focuses on cut and fit, achieving the perfect balance between hand-made and machine-made in order to ensure an impeccable fit at an affordable price.

The elements that define the tailor-made suit are upheld and promoted by combining Italian fabrics of the highest quality with a master-cutter's expert eye, intent on envisioning and executing suits, jackets, and shirts that are truly unique and tailor-made to exacting proportions.

Renowned for emphasizing a man's silhouette, diminishing the semblance of any imperfections, facilitating movement, and having a softer, narrower shoulder known as the 'insellata' cut, Neapolitan tailoring's success lies in its garments' aerodynamic fit.

With Bellucci Su Misura, the effect is that of a visibly elongated torso and narrower waistline with the added pleasure of a tailored garment's supple wear. Not to mention it's special selection of collars and cuffs, which are the true signature of a man's personal style.

Like the tradition that inspired the creative minds behind the collection, Bellucci Su Misura is true to form and deeply indebted to the great masters of Naples' sartorial tradition. A Bellucci Su Misura garment is conceived, created, and worn with the premise that it will only improve over time.


Bellucci Su Misura is a Neapolitan-tailored collection of made-to-measure suiting with a unique appeal. Each jacket and trouser is individually cut and sewn, with a few exceptions in which a machine is used to duplicate the process.

The artisans and master-cutters at Bellucci Napoli have found this to be the optimal way to introduce a Neapolitan custom suit into a new price range.

With jackets conceived and executed along the strict guiding principles behind the famed tradition of Neapolitan tailoring, a Bellucci Su Misura jacket will guarantee impeccable fit, suppleness, and improved silhouette.

With a range of exquisite Italian and English fabrics to choose from that include solids, checks, and pinstripes in the best wools and cashmeres, techniques such as the narrower, 'insellata' armhole and soft shoulder, and details such as open and hand-made buttonholes, the Bellucci su Misura jacket is an affordable indulgence that will only improve over time.

A jacket that is versatile and makes for an impeccable look when worn as a suit and equally appropriate over a more casual trouser or jean in a less formal setting. Trousers are cut close to the body for a leaner look and equally comfortable wear.

Bellucci Napoli's BSM suits are a lifestyle choice that make a man look and feel as accomplished and elegant as he longs to be.


Bellucci Su Misura's shirts are the perfect choice for the man who loves to indulge his sense of style as well as the perfect choice for the man who wants to experience the look and feel of a hand-made shirt for the first time.

Boasting details such as open and hand-made buttonholes as well as a range of collars and cuffs to satisfy any occasion or taste, this service is able to satisfy any request by combining and making the most of man and machine.

With an array of exquisitie fabrics available, a Bellucci Su Misura shirt provides clients the opportunity to opt for custom without the restrictive price tag.

The advantages of having a shirt hand-made to specific measurements is the ultimate experience in elegant dressing.

With the famed soft-shoulder, 'insellata' cut used to facilitate movement and give the semblance of a slimmer line, the secret behind the fitted shoulder and silhouette is why this legendary tradition has transcended the Neapolitan aristocratic dandy, gaining more and more devotees over time.