Suits of the finest quality... shirts that fit like no other... fine accessories to complement the garments...
this is Bellucci Napoli.
Established in 2007 by designer Nedo Bellucci, Bellucci Napoli embraces the authentic Neapolitan tailoring style to produce garments of the highest quality and cut, designed to enhance a gentleman's aesthetic and athletic presence. Emphasizing existing qualities and aiming to diminish imperfections, Bellucci Napoli is proud of our talented "old world" tailors whose craftsmanship creates garments that are unrivaled in the market today.

The process of making a Bellucci Napoli custom garment consists of multiple, delicate details. Our jackets are rigorously made full canvas for both bespoke and MTM. The cut is entrusted to expert hands who work without the use of machinery, rigorously focusing on the softness of the sleeve, the underside of the collar with undivided attention. With details such as buttonholes made with silk thread, opened and hand stitched - the hallmarks of Neapolitan "old school" tailoring. Each cut, every stitch follows precise measurements and culminates in the creation of a suit that is distinctive, superbly crafted and flattering. The style and elegance are the timeless trademark of a Bellucci Napoli custom suit.
Bellucci Napoli belongs to a legendary tradition known the world over as “Sartoria Napoletana”. Conceived as the gentleman’s ‘essential luxury’, this personalized bespoke and MTM service combines quality and craftsmanship to enhance style, physical attributes and impart elegance. Steeped in early 1900s aristocratic tradition, this unique service provides personalized attention in an intimate setting.
Offering impeccable fabrics in a range of styles to accommodate the connoisseur and the novice, Bellucci Napoli’s custom garments are designed to compliment and accent the lifestyle of a generation, one fitting at a time. Bellucci Napoli is your tailor for life.

About Nedo Bellucci

Nedo came to the fashion world circuitously. While he started his career as a financier in Italy, he was no stranger to the world of custom tailoring.
As a young boy, he lived it. Nedo often accompanied his father to his tailor for fittings for his father's custom suits. By the time he was ten, Nedo found himself being fitted for his own bespoke suit and to this day remembers the sense of excitement and anticipation he felt.
After losing his beloved father at a young age, Nedo was inspired to follow his heart. He left finance and honed his skills working several years to apprentice in the field before fulfilling his dream.
Today Bellucci Napoli is the established bespoke and made-to-measure tailor of custom, handmade clothing of unprecedented quality in the Neapolitan tradition with a modern twist.

Professor Nedo Bellucci at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Considered an expert in his field, Nedo Bellucci also teaches at the world renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Being the only Bespoke Luxury Brand owner to do so, he considers it a great honor. Gaining daily inspiration while working with his students, he is currently teaching a course called "Fit, Balance and Proportion in Menswear

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