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From the Connoisseur to the Novice,
Bellucci Napoli Has You Covered

By Aimee Hoefler, 

As we sat with Nedo Bellucci, the founder and creative director of the Italian brand Bellucci Napoli in New York City during our recent interview, we could not help but see how stylish he looked.

He was wearing a blazer, t-shirt, jeans and trainers.

It should not come as a surprise when we asked him what one piece or staple every man should have in his wardrobe.

“A blazer makes the man elegant, even with jeans and flip flops. A blazer that fits you well and is not boxy but enhances you from your eye color to your skin color.”

He could not have said it better.

With his effortless style, we wanted him to help us understand how the team at Bellucci Napoli works to ensure the bespoke process is not intimidating, especially for someone that is new to the experience.

Bellucci shared with us that the team works in stages with the first being to explain the difference between English and Neapolitan tailoring. In case you missed it, be sure to visit Bellucci Napoli Keeps the Legendary Neapolitan Style of Tailoring Alive for all the details.

With nearly 2,000 different print/color options to choose from, Bellucci points out that there are ways to narrow down the choices, which is the next step in the process.

Will it be for a formal event? Is a casual jacket desired?

Is the client wanting a solid or patterned fabric?

The most popular color choices are blue and grey, which is another way the Bellucci Napoli team zeroes in on a selection that will work best for the client.

From there, the final steps are all about the details, which are a way for the client to add their personal touch to their clothing, such as the use of contrasting colors for the thread, the cuffs or even the collar.

A recent addition to the Bellucci Napoli brand is their new Bellucci Polo, which only recently made its official debut.

Bellucci explained how the problem with polos today is that “the collar doesn’t stay in place under a blazer. Our polo has our signature collar so it can be worn under a blazer without moving.”

The Bellucci Napoli details are evident throughout the Bellucci Polo. From the unique collar to the hand embroidery detailing to the hand sewn buttons, this is way more than a polo. It is a Bellucci Polo.

With such a unique brand that is cemented in Neapolitan roots, we wanted to know about expansion plans.

Bellucci commented that the company has intentions on growing, yet it was important to maintain the quality their customers have grown to expect.

That move is to be commended when many companies grow too rapidly and end up losing their core values.

Bellucci did let us in on his desire of opening up a ready-to-wear store within about two years time.

Share with us your thoughts on brands like Bellucci Napoli working to keep artisanal work alive? Have you had a bespoke experience before?

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